Welcome to CRAFTCAST!

I love learning the how-to behind making just about anything but usually the shinier the better.

Here at CRAFTCAST you can do just that, plus learn what you want when you want. We have how-to video classes in all kinds of subjects; exquisite doll making, polymer and metal clay jewelry making, cake decorating, metalsmithing, digital arts and more.

I love working with the world's best instructors and bringing them right into your own home. Re-watch the videos as often as you like on your computer, tablet or even your smart phone. (In a long line at the supermarket you’ll find using me my phone to catch up on a video of something I’ve been dying to make.)

At CRASTCAST you build your own online library so you will never lose track of all your classes.

And don’t forget, you get a PDF handout with each video, giving you links to resources and supplies needed for each class.

We love talking and helping fellow “creatives” so please email us with any questions or just say “Hi”.

Have fun and please email us photos of what you make.

:) Alison