What People Are Saying

  • "I love learning new techniques and it was now time to start exploring 960-clay. This is what came out from the inspiration I got from Lisel Crowleys class "Create elegant cuffs..."
    Kristina B.
  • Thank you to you and Marlaine Verlst for the doll making video classes. The friendliness of the conversation throughout makes learning a joy. I have always admired Marlaine especially how she connects the doll's hair design to the clothing choices.
  • Don't Quit Your Daydream is the fruit of Alison's decades as an artist, coach and motivator. Is it worth it? Only if you want to stop thinking about your creative business and start making it really happen.
    Nettie Spiwack
  • Loved this class! One of my favorites so far.
  • Lisel Crowley's bracelet project is excellent. I've been working with metal clayfor many years, but learned so many new techniques and tips.
    Tamra Carboni