Mags Bonham

Mags Bonham is a self-taught polymer clay artist who began her artistic journey after a chronic health problem forced her to step out of a high-pressured career in Retail Merchandising. At a local craft show in 1998 she admired the polymer clay work of Lynn Manning.

A short conversation later and Mags walked away with the information that would change her life. A few packages of Sculpey III, a pasta machine, and The New Clay by Nan Roche as her guide led Mags into the world of polymer clay and she hasn’t looked back once.

Bonham creates an ever-changing variety of original jewelry pieces, decorative boxes, and home décor items. This fascinating material has lead Bonham on a constant journey of exploration and experimentation. She has mastered many techniques that make her work unique and, at times, magical.

You can find Mags online HERE.

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