Loretta Lam

My current work explores shapes and forms found in nature - pods, cones, and berries. These forms are inherently balanced and harmonious. We understand them and relate to them. I strive to create a sense of quiet beauty, elegance and timelessness.

The beads are created one at a time, with a delicious, natural color palette. The patterns in my work are made with the millefiori process. Well-known in glasswork, millefiori is easily adapted to polymer clay. Sheets and snakes of different colors of clay are stacked, wrapped and combined to make logs or loaves of pattern, from which slices are taken and applied to a base bead.

Carefully chosen accents, cords and embellishments are used to complete the work. And in the end, I hope to achieve sophisticated simplicity with a dash of feminine playfulness.

Find Loretta online here: LorettaLam.com

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