Gail Crosman Moore

Gail Crosman Moore, an award winning multi disciplinary artist, brings to you many years of experience and education, both as teacher and student. Her BFA from Mass College of Art was in Art Education, which allowed her to explore the entire spectrum of the visual and tactile arts, and to build a love of surface, form, texture and color that transcends any one media. She has taught students of all ages and abilities, and has a wide following of admirers who are willing to cross disciplines to work with her as her career evolves.

Although Gail's work has spanned many different fields and materials, a lifelong obsession with the essential, ancient seed pod has informed her work in all media. Whether she is painting, hammering, folding, sewing, or working in fire, it doesn't matter what materials are in her hands -- it's certain that the varied forms of the Pod, the vessel of life, will emerge. Disparate materials are used to share surface, to highlight comparisons like matte and shiny, hot and cold, big and little, soft and hard. Glass, metal, wool, paper, resin are all featured.

The last three years have been documented by capturing the low light of sunrise and sunset in Provincetown, MA. Travel and teaching round out the professional aspects of this artists life.

Her work has been recognized and awarded through publication in many trade magazines, including Ornament, Beadwork, Bead and Button, Lamagga, and several books have included her work in felt, glass, metals and paper. Awards include Saul Bell, 2009, an A.R.T. Grant and invitations to teach abroad which include trips to Japan, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Lithuania and the Bahamas.

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