Beate Helene Reither

“Re-Enchant your world for a blissful life!”

The Austrian metal clay artist, poet, sound therapist and graduated social educator has found her calling in empowering people into an authentic, connected life by creating deeply personal, one-of-a-kind jewelry to bridge the gap between the wearer’s inner wisdom and self-realization.

The artist about her work:
“My one-of-a-kind pieces are not only meant to bring joy, but also to serve as a testimony and reminder of the wearer’s very own vision of life. HerzensKUNST jewelry is meant to strengthen self-confidence and self-awareness, because it symbolizes the inner beauty and authenticity of the person for whom I create it.
Through the interpersonal process of creating the individual art piece, people internalize that their true form comes from within and is not determined by externalities. Ultimately, when my clients hold the finished piece in their hands, I like to ask them, if they know how beautiful they really are.”

This approach grew out of the artist’s love of being human, her practiced spirituality and her lifelong interest in psychology and mysticism.

After 15 years of working as a social educator with children, Beate Helene founded her own business “HerzensKUNST” („Art of the heart“) in 2015, uniting sound therapy with an intimate, personal communication in her process of silver jewelry making. In doing so, she helps people develop self-confidence and access their inner resources in order to lead a self-determined, authentic life.

She continues to draw inspiration from nature’s organic play of forms as well as from the deep conversations she has with the people in her personal and professional life.
The birth of her son Leo in 2020 gave Beate’s life a new dimension and prompted her to take up the full-time work as an artist, so that she can be there for him as much as possible. Beate lives with her family in St. Pölten, Austria. 

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