Silhouette Cutter How-to Basics and Beyond

Instructor Bio: 
99 minutes

Do you have a Silhouette cutting machine, or are thinking about buying one, and afraid you'll never figure out how to get it hooked up and cutting???

Do you dread the idea of reading another instruction manual or spending hours trouble shooting a new piece of equipment???
Suzanne McNenly to the rescue.

Suzanne knows the Silhouette machine inside and out and will walk you through the basics from machine and software setup to cutting and creating.
Ms. McNenly will share with you all her expertise plus trouble shooting tips and tricks and you’ll be cutting beautiful designs in no time.

And here is the best part.

Suzanne will also show you how to create a beautiful paper cuff bracelet made from using the Silhouette machine.

It's easy and Sue will show you step-by-step plus show you how to finish the paper surface so it's durable as well.

Think about all the possibilities of color and design!

*PLUS* included for FREE the design file Suzanne made just for you.

This technique will inspire confidence and know-how so you can get cutting and creating right away!

*BONUS* And for all you metal clay artists, Sue will show you how to prepare and cut silver metal clay with the Silhouette Cutter.

No experience necessary.

You can re-watch all your CRAFTCAST purchases
as many times as you like.

Covered In This Class: 
  • The right way to set up the machine
  • How to get successful results
  • Trouble shooting common errors
  • Tips to get the most out of the cutter
  • Tricks for handling delicate papers
  • How-to steps for creating a unique paper cuff
  • Software Basics
  • How to protect paper jewelry
  • And more…
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • Silhouette cutting machine
  • Assorted Papers

Included is a class handout filled with photos, notes and all the resource information you need to get started.