Rose & Gem Embellished Metal Clay Totem with Corina Gheorghe at

Rose & Gem Embellished Metal Clay Totem

Instructor Bio: 
95 minutes

Join master metal clay artist, Corina Gheorghe, and learn how to make a gorgeous Roses and Gem embellished totem pendant from metal clay.

This course introduces techniques about drawing and modeling detailed little roses and leaves and a new way of setting stones, called the “v setting”. You will also learn how to incorporate these into a flowing and balanced design.

Corina says: “Doodle swirls, roses, and leaves; give flow and balance to your design. This step gives you a visual idea before starting to work with clay and helps you in observing your own style with time. Practice is the key!”

Corina will start with her tips for preparing the clay, showing you the best consistency and how to keep your clay and fingers hydrated.

Then see close-up how to create stunning leaves, buds, and open roses, connecting them all with swirling coils and adding a gem with a carved setting.

See how-to attach all the embellishments to create an eye flowing balanced piece. Sanding, firing and finishing will be covered to complete your show stopper pendant.

You’ll be inspired to start creating your own totem.

Included in your purchase is a PDF with notes and online resources. Please note: the PDF is not a stand-alone instructional booklet.

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Some experience with basic metal clay techniques is helpful.

Covered In This Class: 
  • Designing piece
  • Preparing your clay
  • Modelling leaves, roses and buds
  • Making and connecting the coils
  • Setting the stone and carving the setting of the stone
  • Attaching the roses and leaves
  • Creating bail
  • Sanding and finishing the tiny leaves and roses
  • Firing in two steps
  • Brushing, patina and polishing
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • 15g of silver metal clay (Art Clay Silver999) 8-10% shrinkage
  • 3g of silver paste ( Art Clay Silver)
  • Fireable stone - I used 10x5 mm
  • Paper and pencil
  • Water – demineralized
  • Brushes for shaping and moving the swirls
  • Tweezers for moving the flowers and leaves
  • Olive oil or other lubricant
  • Transparent acrylic block
  • Working surface/ Teflon sheets
  • Craft knife/ carving knife
  • Sanding pads: red, blue and green
  • Kiln

Included with the video download, a PDF filled with all the resources you need to get started.

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I'm so excited.... The first protect in a year. I am making time for.

I thought the class was amazing in many ways. I have taken many courses featuring
Stone setting in metal clay and I didn’t think I could learn more on that subject. I was wrong. I learned that putting water on the stone made the bond stronger. I also loved how she cut the sides of the setting to make it a much more attractive setting.
I also learned more about firing which I’m very anxious to try. It was amazing how she fired them separately and only fired the stone for 5 minutes and then together for 5 more minutes. I will test different stones this way.
I love learning new techniques from very talented artists like Corina Gheorghe. In addition to being very talented, i found her to be a very good and generous teacher.

Corina's explanations were clear and concise. Love her handout too.

I loved this class! Not only did I learn how to make roses, but how to sculpt a stone setting, and how to fire it separately and then attach it. Corina’s notes were awesome as well! Thanks so much for these great classes and fabulous teachers!

It is a great class!