Inventing and Making Tools with Tim McCreight

Inventing and Making Tools

Instructor Bio: 
85 minutes

Tools for making tools!

Listen and watch, Mr. Tim McCreight, as he shares his expertise on the thought and process of toolmaking.

Too often, we adapt ourselves to our tools rather than the other way around. The result is work that is less unique because hundreds of people are using the same manufactured tools, but more than that, the pleasure of the craftsperson is isolated to the finished product rather than expanded into a broader process.
~ Tim McCreight

Tim shows you how he makes a variety of his favorite metalsmithing tools, including creating his own tweezers from simple supplies.

Watch Tim's step by step instructions on making a sliding caliper that you will love.

And learn how-to make your own brass square.

Plus get a video tour of Tim's studio nestled in beautiful Maine.

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Covered In This Class: 
  • Why “Unique tools, Make for Unique Work”
  • When and Why to make a tool
  • Learn to make an assortment of cross-lock tweezers
  • How-To make a spring gauge from popsicle sticks
  • Learn to create your own small brass square
  • How to make a simple riveting hammer
  • PLUS, a video tour of Tim's own studio!
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • common household items

A PDF of class notes and resources from Tim McCreight included with your download.