About CRAFTCAST & Alison Lee

Our mission at CRAFTCAST™ is to inspire and nurture the creative spark in each participant.

"I am addicted to crafts and I always have been," says Alison Lee.

"When I was 3, there was a television show called Fun at One. I remember the first thing I watched was how to make modeling soap from Ivory Snow Flakes and water. The host demonstrated how to beat them together with a manual eggbeater and create a modeling clay/soap. You could even add drops of food coloring to the mix for more fun.

"Shortly after that, my grandmother, who emigrated here from Ireland, taught me to knit. She sat me down with a ‘proper cup of tea’ at the kitchen table and wound the yarn around her fingers, showing me exactly where the yarn should fall, and then let the needles fly. I was mesmerized and to this day am grateful for her passing on to me the love of the craft. Thank you, Nannie."

CRAFTCAST™ is the number one leading website where crafters can take LIVE online Master Classes with the top working crafters in their creative fields. CRAFTCAST™ classes have been attended by thousands of crafters from around the world.

CRAFTCAST™ also offers crafting Master Class videos for sale for immediate viewing.

The CRAFTCAST™ podcast features interviews and instruction with master crafters, and has had close to a million downloads.

CRAFTCAST™ was the brainchild of Alison Lee and her son Erich Bergen.

About Craftcast & Alison Lee