Video Tutorials

Each of CRAFTCAST videos can be streamed online or downloaded to your desktop. You can watch your purchases as often as you like. Each video comes with a PDF handout chock full of additional info to make your class experience a great value plus no need to take notes while you watch!

Put a Lid On It with Donna Penoyer
Donna Penoyer
Inventing and Making Tools with Tim McCreight
Tim McCreight
polymer beads with Cynthia Tinapple
Cynthia Tinapple
Enamel and Metal Clay Bead Mash-Up
Barbara Becker Simon
Learn the Art of Stone Setting in Metal Clay with Jeanette Landenwitch
Jeanette Landenwitch
Crafting Copper Clay Torc Bracelets
Wanaree Tanner
Learn to Make a Sugar Flower Bouquet with Jason Schreiber
Jason Schreiber