Video Tutorials

Each of CRAFTCAST videos can be streamed online or downloaded to your desktop. You can watch your purchases as often as you like. Each video comes with a PDF handout chock full of additional info to make your class experience a great value plus no need to take notes while you watch!

Metal Clay BLING Rings with Sulie Girardi
Sulie Girardi
Polymer Clay Tessellation Box with Anke Humpert @
Anke Humpert
i love tools 15
Alison Lee
Pazazzy Rings in Metal Clay
Joy Funnell
Creating Metal Clay Filigree with Lema Bashir at
Lema Bashir
The Unhinged Locket from Metal Clays with Hadar Jacobson at
Hadar Jacobson
Unique Metal Clay Hollow Beads with Hadar Jacobson at
Hadar Jacobson