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I have thoroughly enjoyed the videos and have watched the deep etching and the ez960 at least 5 times over three days.

Dianna M.

I love your site. You offer many sessions that I am interested (aside from those I purchased yesterday) and I plan on taking them all!!!

Lucy A.

I did use copper and was very happy with it. I loved the course.

Dorothy P.

I am sitting here with a cup of coffee watching the snow fall anticipating a day of playing with my Curio. Cindy, everytime I watch one of your classes I think “she can’t possibly put more in a class” and you do! My mind is whirling!


Really enjoy the classes. Really like the comments made while seeing the program. Thank you for the sales. I buy them to view later when I have time, plus they are motivational for ideas. Better than spending money on "stuff" you will not use!

Darlene W.

Finally finished by leather journal! Thank you, Cindy, for such a great CraftCast class. Still got some learning to do , but I'm pleased with this result.

Derin T.

Lis-el is to blame for all my alcohol ink supplies and whatnots from watching her on CraftCast!

Cat B.

Thank you, Cindy, for such a great CraftCast class! Still got some learning to do, but I'm pleased with this result!

Derin T.

I have been a fan of Alison Lee's Craftcast for possibly a decade. Alison finds the best teachers who provide live step-by-step visual and audio classes in a variety of subjects, and you can ask questions. Each class is thought out with perfection, clear

Georgeann Galante

Craftcast.com lives up to their promises and delivers exceptional customer service. I was disappointed in a class I purchased and was able to exchange the class for another. I recommend taking a chance and learning something new. Great customer care.