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Thank you, Cindy, for such a great CraftCast class! Still got some learning to do, but I’m pleased with this result!

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Making a Custom Designed Leather Journal with your Silhouette Curio with Cindy Pope

Derin T.

I have been a fan of Alison Lee’s Craftcast for possibly a decade. Alison finds the best teachers who provide live step-by-step visual and audio classes in a variety of subjects, and you can ask questions. Each class is thought out with perfection, clear

Georgeann Galante lives up to their promises and delivers exceptional customer service. I was disappointed in a class I purchased and was able to exchange the class for another. I recommend taking a chance and learning something new. Great customer care.


Suli Girardi’s class on bezels for metal clay is totally genius! I have made multiple pieces since watching her class. Every piece done with store-bought bezel wire fired perfectly! Great class!

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Bezel-set Metal Clay Pendant: No Soldering Necessary with Sulie Girardi

Ellen A

Thanks, Pam, this is the best jewelry photo course I have come across online so far. It all makes perfect sense and you explained it so well. Love it!


I bought the tutorial by Lisel Crowley on Creating Leaf-Like Metal Clay Rings and I just did my first sample ring to make sure I had the firing down correct. I love it. The directions were very clear and at the end of the video I wasn’t afraid to try.

Debbie C.

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  • Your classes are just amazing and I have learned sooo much from Cindy Pope’s classes on the Silhouette machines. She breaks it down so any beginner can learn. I didn’t take my Curio out of the box for a year until I watched her class. Now I’m addicted

    Beth B
  • Thank you for the informational class last night, and for the notes, it looks like a great product to work with. Best Wishes,

  • You are a truly generous soul to share so much with the community. I am constantly impressed by the extra effort you put into everything you do. A true inspiration. 

    Bridget D.