Nealay Patel

Experimenting should never be limited to any one area of creativity. Nealay exercises his craft in designing, educating and publishing his jewelry works. His first book, Jewelry for the New Romantic, explored the concept of integrating beading wire in with bead weaving to create unique jewelry pieces with unusual textures and set a milestone in his checklist of accomplishments. This book opened many new opportunities for Nealay, including regularly contributing to several beading magazines (nationally and internationally) and even making television appearances on Beads, Baubles and Jewels and Jewel School on the Jewelry Television network. He has also had the privilege in instructing many workshops at noted trade shows, such as Bead&Button and Bead Fest. Aside from his dedication to the publication industry, Nealay enjoys teaching, and even learning, from his local bead community in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Nealay’s interest for the creative arts does not end at just jewelry. His passion for creating original works is utilized as a full time art director for a noted design firm in the heart of Tulsa booming arts district.

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