Helga van Leipsig

My name is Helga van Leipsig, designer & maker of the jewelry that you can buy here on La Leipsig Jewels. The area where I live is the South of Netherlands, a province called Limburg, a quiet and rural place that influences me a lot. You can find me often armed with a camera with macro lens looking for inspiration in my garden and the fields around me.

A little green sprout that forces itself through a crack in the earth, the fragile beginning of a future big tree. Rhythm in the leaves and symmetry in flowers. The growing bud that explodes in a symphony of colors. The perspective of furrows and ridges in a field. It all enchants me. These images are transformed in my studio into gold and silver jewelry. My jewelry is grounded in nature. When you wear one of my pieces, you are connected to the source of my inspiration, the earth and her elements.

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