Claire Maunsell

I've been a professional craftsperson since 1989, when I graduated from the Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design (Ontario, Canada) in glass. I built and operated my own hot glass studio for 15 years and developed many successful lines of glass which I made and sold across North America. My ‘Kayak’ perfume bottle won a Niche award for production glass, in 1997. I retired from glass in 2004 and, after some experimenting, I found myself naturally drawn to working with polymer, not least because it shares so many forming and colour techniques with glass.

As I became more familiar with polymer, the skills that I had acquired from glass seemed to naturally apply themselves through my hands. A line of hollow forms evolved! Then, naturally enough, I began to investigate surface decoration on those forms following the aesthetic I had developed in glass. I think after 5 years of working with polymer I have 'found my voice', as they say, and a new medium to love.

Find Claire online here: stillpointworks

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