Putting It All Together with Michael DeMeng (Part 2)

Putting It All Together with Michael DeMeng (Part 2)

96 minutes

Michael deMeng will demystify how you start a collage.

Learn his how-to for making a cohesive statement, and not a combo platter of leftover oddities.

This is the second part of a two part class.

Each class is purchased separately.

First session covers: Collage History, Tools, Objects, Assembling Basics



Artist Statement: My work is about transformations. It is about the transformation of the common into the sacred. Discarded materials find new and unexpected uses in my work; they are reassembled and conjoined with unlikely components, a form of rebirth from the ashes into new life and new meaning. These assemblages are metaphors for the evolutions and revolutions of existence: from life to death to rebirth, from new to old to renewed, from construction to destruction to reconstruction. These forms are examinations of the world in perpetual flux, where meaning and function are ever-changing.

Covered In This Class: 
  • Textures
  • Paint
  • Washes
  • Visual Bridges
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • Aves Apoxie Clay ¼ lbs or more
  • Variety of toy parts dolls parts, game parts etc
  • Paint Brushes
  • Small detail brushes, and some cheap brushes (1/2 inch to 1 inch in size)
  • Wire a couple of different gauges
  • Basic Tools
  • Golden brand paints:Quinacridone Nickel, Azo Gold, Black (Mars or Carbon),Titanium White, Pthalo Green (blue shade),Dioxazine Purple,Van Dyke Brown,Quinacridone Crimson
  • Sand paper or sanding sponge
  • Dap Kwik SealE6000
  • Heat gun
  • Dremel Tool

Included is a class handout with notes from the class video.