Polymer Clay Tessellation Box with Anke Humpert @ CraftCast.com

Polymer Clay Tessellation Box

Instructor Bio: 
150 minutes

Join master polymer clay artist Anke Humpert as she shows you step-by-step how to make your own unique tessellation box.

Whether you are old or new to polymer clay, you will love the creative possibilities of these Tessellation Boxes!

Take those saved tin boxes that cookies and sweets come in, and transform them into containers you’ll love to show off.

Starting with the basic tin, Anke shows you how to make your own texture stamps from a variety of simple tools. Then see how to create a mirror image of each texture. Cut out your shapes and you are on your way to creating an endless combination of color and pattern.

Learn tips and tricks to bake and then complete your box for a professional finish.

You’ll love making these in an assortment of sizes and shapes.

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No experience necessary.

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Covered In This Class: 
  • Which boxes and tools to use
  • Preparing the polymer clay
  • Making tessellation texture stamps
  • Combining textures, positive and negative impressions
  • Design and color possibilities
  • Placement of tiles
  • Covering the boxes with polymer clay sheets
  • Filling in gaps
  • Tips for hinged boxes
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • polymer clay in at least 3 colors of your choice
  • liquid clay
  • metal tin, any size, this is the base for our box
  • white or dark brown acrylic paint for washes
  • smooth even work surface (a tile or a sheet of glass with paper under it)
  • polymer clay dedicated oven with thermometer
  • tile to bake on
  • clay dedicated pasta machine
  • clay blade
  • acrylic roller
  • paper towel
  • needle tool(s)
  • embossing tools
  • Small craft knife
  • Extruder with small round hole extruding disc
  • Cookie cutters small sizes
  • Brush and release agent

Included with the video download, a PDF filled with photos, notes and all the resources you need to get started.