Patterns of Color in Metal Clay with Hadar Jacobson @

Patterns of Color in Metal Clay

Instructor Bio: 
90 minutes

Time to learn how to mix metal clays and create original organic patterns of color. We are thrilled to welcome master metal clay artist and innovator Hadar Jacobson to the CRAFTCAST family!

In this video class, Hadar will show you all you need to know to create these faux mokume gane earrings using a combination of metal clays.

Ms. Jacobson is known for her innovative techniques, creating impressive combinations of color and patterns with metal clay. You will be inspired at the possibilities you can create.

Bonus Videos include:
How to use a split/slotted mandrel sanding tool
Making custom extruder disks

PLUS Handout PDF that includes:
Understanding inside the extruder
Answers to the the Questions everyone want to know

Also in the handout: a jpeg of the earring template Hadar uses during class!

Don’t miss this special presentation!!

Included in your purchase is a PDF with photos, notes and online resources plus a class video to watch as many times as you like.

No experience necessary.

Please note: the PDF is not a stand-alone instructional booklet.

Covered In This Class: 
  • how to mix the clays for successful results
  • shaping and constructing
  • using an extruder
  • firing instructions
  • finishing techniques
  • patina application
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • One-fire Brilliant Bronze, One-fire Copper, One-fire Pearl Grey Steel Clays
  • rolling pin
  • playing cards or measuring slats
  • olive oil
  • water and paintbrush
  • X-acto knife or scalpel
  • Teflon paper or oven liner
  • Warming pan
  • sponge sanding pad, 150 grit
  • diamond burrs
  • Fantastix with a brush tip
  • clay shaper
  • clay extruder
  • extruder disc with 3mm round hole
  • circular cookie cutter
  • finishing tools
  • Baldwin’s Patina
  • applicators

Included with the video download, a PDF filled with photos, notes and all the resources you need to get started.