Metal Clay Stacked Champlevé Enameling with Pam East at

Metal Clay Stacked Champlevé Enameling

Instructor Bio: 
120 minutes

Join master enamelist Pam East and learn the art of Champlevé enameling.

Champlevé enameling is the art of applying rich colored enamels to impressions in metal. Traditionally, these impressions would be created through hand engraving, acid etching or pierce and solder techniques. Metal clay offers the unique ability to easily create impressions in metal without needing years of study and practice. Anyone can do it!

In this class you will create a gorgeous metal clay piece for enameling through a simple stacking technique. After the metal clay is constructed and fired, you will learn how to achieve beautiful clarity and shading with transparent enamels.

Textures will be clearly visible through the enamel. Firing and finishing will also be covered.

Included in your purchase is a PDF with photos, notes and online resources, PLUS the class video to watch as many times as you like, and BONUS videos that include: Assembling your Pendant, Prepping Your Kiln and Making Earrings.
Pam has also included her enamel color combination recipes so you can copy an assortment of Pam’s color combinations.

Please note: the PDF is not a stand-alone instructional booklet.

Covered In This Class: 
  • Correctly rolling out clay for enameling
  • Using templates and textures to create enameling areas
  • Metal clay Stacking techniques to avoid bubbles
  • Metal clay greenware finishing
  • Firing metal clay for enameling
  • Prepping metal for enameling
  • Cleaning and prepping enamels
  • Counter enameling
  • Improving enamel clarity
  • Proper firing of enamels
  • Graduated shading with enamels
  • Champlevé finishing & polishing
Materials Used In This Class: 

Metal Clay Tools and Supplies

  • Front Loading Kiln
  • Fiber kiln shelf & Fiber blanket
  • Tumbler w/stainless steel mixed shot
  • Super Sunsheen Burnishing Compound
  • Dehydrator or other method of drying clay
  • Release agent (Hattie’s No Stick, Badger balm, Olive Oil, etc.)
  • Small dish for release agent
  • Toothbrush
  • QuikArt™ FlexMat 56708 Rugosa Rose
  • QuikArt™ Template 56737 Champlevé Set (three templates in set)
  • 50g – 100g Art Clay Silver™
  • 5g Art Cay Silver™ Syringe
  • 10g Art Clay Silver™ Paste (reconstituted paste made from dust is fine)
  • Fine Needle tool
  • Roller
  • Flexible non-stick work-surface (Teflex or Plastic notebook dividers)
  • Graduated Slat Sets
  • Rubber clay shaper
  • Clay Cleanup tool
  • Sponge, clean and new
  • Steel Wire brush
  • Silverwhite Taklon Brushes
  • Bright #4
  • Round #0
  • Two sided dish for controlling water in brush
  • Disposable make-up applicators (Eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipgloss)
  • Dry dusting brush
  • Escapement or small needle files
  • Manicure sanding blocks or sanding sticks, Foam-backed sanding pads, or other sanding and refining tools
  • Gentle domes for forming clay to a shallow domed shape (closet tap light)
  • Pin Vice
  • #48 drill bit

Enameling Tools and Supplies

  • Pam East Universal Firing Spatula
  • Pam East Adjustable Trivet size Medium
  • Hard kiln shelves with kiln wash already applied
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Disposable Plastic cups
  • PreNamel™ Metal Prep
  • ClearnNamel™ Wetting Agent
  • Clear Ammonia
  • Klyr-fire with sprayer
  • Clean scrap paper (old phone books work great!)
  • Toilet paper
  • 3/4 oz condiment cups
  • Fiberglass scratch brush
  • Green scouring pad
  • Thompson Enamels 2220 2140  2190 
  • Silverwhite Paint Brushes: Round #0,  #0/5
  • Enamel inlay tool spatula
  • Enamel inlay tool pick or scribe
  • Enamel Sifting Screen – Solid Pan (Qty 2)
  • Enamel Sifting Screens – 150 and 325-mesh
  • Enamel Sifter – Medium
  • Fine tip permanent marker (Sharpie)
  • Disposable rubber, latex or vinyl gloves
  • N100, N95 or P95 dust mask. Mask should have a full seal around nose and mouth.
  • Magnifying Visor


  • 200 grit Diamond Hand Sanding Pad
  • Tropical Shine Pink 400/600 Grit nail file
  • Tropical Shine Blue 220/320 Grit nail file
  • Micro-Mesh Sanding Pads – 1 set
  • Flexshaft
  • Bobbing compound
  • Mini muslin buff
  • Hard felt mini buff – Barrel shape
  • Diamond Fast cerium oxide powder
  • Small plastic pipette or eye dropper
  • Polish Cloth
  • Wenol metal polish
  • Dawn dishwasher liquid
  • Assembling your finished pendant
  • Working with leaded enamels
  • Preparing and programming your kiln for enameling

Included with the video download, a PDF filled with photos, notes and all the resources you need to get started.