Making Texture Plates 2.0

Making Texture Plates 2.0

Instructor Bio: 
90 minutes

Join master metal clay artist and all-around artist extraordinaire, Barbara Becker Simon, and get ready to be inspired with new ideas for creating texture plates from surprising materials you might already have in your studio!

“What do fender-benders, Italian pastry, chicken noodle soup, and playing basketball have to do with textures for metal clay and polymer clay?” says Barbara

It’s time to find out!

See what Barbara has created using objects found at the craft store, the fabric store and the hardware store.

You will love these awesome texture ideas to use for your metal clay and or polymer clay projects and all at a minimal cost!

Included in your purchase is a PDF with notes and online resources. Please note: the PDF is not a stand-alone instructional booklet.

You can re-watch all your CRAFTCAST purchases as many times as you like.

Covered In This Class: 
  • Making flat texture plates with a waterproof base and found objects
  • Making flat polymer clay texture plates
  • Making a “stepped” landscape texture plate
  • Making a roller texture tool
  • Expanding your texture library
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • 2 Part Liquid Silicone mold material
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Tacky wax
  • Salt
  • Paintbrushes
  • Resist like olive oil or Badger Balm
  • Newspaper
  • Mixing containers
  • Black magic marker
  • Latex gloves
  • Large skewers

Included with the video download, a PDF with notes and all the resources you need to get started.

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Barbara is an amazing teacher. There were some really creative texture ideas that I
never heard of before. I actually ordered a bottle of puffy paint while watching the
presentation. It was really good.
~Marilyn C.

Thank you for the opportunity to watch the preeminent "BBS" live on Craftcast! Barbara Becker
Simon's presentation did not disappoint with clever and inventive ideas for stuff you already
have lying around your house. And as always, Alison Lee masterfully facilitated the presentation
for the engagement of everyone at home. I look forward to more BBS presentations on Craftcast
in the future!
~Cindy F.

As she always does, Barbara presented a huge amount of information clearly and completely.
~Linda K.

I thought Barbara's class/presentation was very informative. She showed a lot of stuff that I was
not familiar with. I would definitely take another class from her.

I loved Barbara Becker Simons's presentation on creating textures for metal clay.  I got so
many easy executable ideas I couldn’t wait to start collecting materials.  As always
Barbara brings such a fun attitude to sharing her process.  It was like getting to spend
quality time with a true artist and not at all intimidating.  The process from purchasing to
joining the class and viewing was simple and the quality was great.  The class was also
reasonably priced.
Thanks to Craftcast and Barbara!
~Anntoinette K.

Hello, The presentation is very useful as it is chock full of ideas for making textures your own, thus making your own style with every different way that you can use various objects toward your version of things. It is a bit of an overload, so most of us should watch it a couple of times at least. Have fun. Oh, and another plus is that her ideas can save you lots of moola
PS there are former tutorials with Barbara on your site!
~Kate A.