Making a Cane Slice from Lego® Blocks

Making a Cane Slicer from Lego® Blocks

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8 minutes

Learn from master polymer clay artist how to build a cane slicer using Legos™ and a tissue blade. So much fun to build and then use to slice your polymer canes.

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Building a cane slicer using Legos™

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I am not sure where I missed the construction of the slicer. I watched the video twice and only seen how to use it. Did I miss how to do it somewhere?

Hi Lori,
Take a look at the Lego Slicer Build PDF in your "My Library." The photo shows you a basic picture to follow using a handful of Legos.

I'm looking for that pic too.

Hi Lori,
There is a PDF in your library along with the video that shows step-by-step how to construct.