Modern Graphic Polymer Clay Jewelry

Learn to Make Modern Graphic Polymer Clay Jewelry from A to Z

Instructor Bio: 
346 minutes

If you want a fresh new approach to your polymer clay work, this is a great collection of tutorials to get you started.

Anke is brilliant at making polymer clay look clean, modern, and graphic. If you have wanted to try polymer, and love a colorful graphic approach, or want to expand your skillset, you will love the possibilities of learning how to make these modern earrings, pendants, and brooches.

Watch Anke close-up and learn her techniques for making and designing an assortment of shapes and combinations. See how she starts with a simple shape then adds layers of color, dimensional layering, plus unique graphic marks, creating a stunning modern painting-like finished piece of jewelry.

Learn all the finishing techniques and finding fabrications needed to complete these pieces.

Besides the main class videos there are three separate bonus videos where Anke shows you close-up: carving polymer clay hoop earrings, alternative pendant shapes, and other asymmetrical brooch ideas that use a “floating frame” that sets off your design.

Anke’s ideas will inspire in you even more graphic and colorful possibilities.

Almost 6 hours of video instruction plus handouts and extra bonus videos for $89.95

It’s like getting one whole class for free!

Covered In This Class: 
  • Preparing polymer clay

  • Combining textures

  • Design and shape possibilities

  • Building a floating insert and a frame
  • Custom wire needles for the pin
  • Mix and match custom colors
  • Create your own patterns
  • Making findings
  • Finishing techniques
  • Materials Used In This Class: 
    • Work surface – glass or ceramic tile
    • Clay dedicated pasta or Clay Condition machine
    • Polymer clay: Premo and Soufflé
    • Clay blade
    • Wire 18 gauge
    • Needle tool
    • Hollow bead maker or small heat resistant bowls
    • Craft or “xacto” knife
    • Ruler
    • Acrylic roller
    • Ceramic tiles in small sizes
    • flush cutter pliers
    • round nose pliers
    • Curved chain- nose pliers
    • Flat nose pliers
    • Nylon-jaw pliers
    • Large bail-making pliers
    • Coarse sanding paper
    • Wet/dry sanding paper
    • jewellery file
    • texture tools
    • extruder
    • paints

    Included links to download all the videos PLUS 3 PDFs filled with notes and all the resources you need to get started.