Learn to Make a Lily Pendant and Earrings with Melissa Muir

Learn to Make a Lily Pendant and Earrings

Instructor Bio: 
107 minutes

Have you ever tried bending metal into graceful shapes and tubes and ended up with a piece for the recycling pile???

I have.

Melissa Muir to the rescue!

Learn how you can get smooth bends in any metal every time.

Melissa will show you close-up her techniques and tricks for working with a swage block and hammers to get graceful bends that you can use to create a variety of shapes.

Discover how you can make a beautiful Lily Pendant and coordinating earrings, starting with your choice of metal.

See step-by-step how to cut, anneal, bend, hammer and finish a beautiful pendant and earrings.

No need to struggle.

Add this technique to your metalsmithing skill set now!

No experience necessary.

BONUS ~ Included is also a bonus video on how to make a Pea Pod Pendant.

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Covered In This Class: 
  • Measuring and cutting metal
  • Annealing metal
  • Using a swage block
  • Creating metal cones and tubes
  • Using a cross peen hammer
  • Creating perfect metal seams
  • Creating embellishments
  • Textures and patinas
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • 28 - 24 gauge sterling silver or copper dead soft sheet – 1 ½” x 6”
  • 18 – 20 gauge sterling dead soft silver wire – 18 inches
  • Seed beads (optional)
  • Round beads (8 - 10mm)
  • Straight shop shears or jewelers saw
  • Permanent marker
  • Files: hand, needle
  • 3M Micro finishing film or Sandpaper in various grits
  • Wire cutters
  • Anvil or Bench block
  • Forming/swage block (wood, plastic or steel)
  • Cross peen/narrow raising hammer (Steel or plastic)
  • Goldsmith’s or planishing hammer
  • Center punch
  • Tumbler (optional)
  • Patina solution if desired
  • Small butane torch
  • Soldering surface
  • Insulated cross locking tweezers
  • Quench bowl
  • Pickle & Pickle pot
  • Tumbler or soft brass brush
  • Rubber Cement or white glue

Included in your purchase is the FULL recording of the entire LIVE class plus a PDF with links to tools, supplies and online resources..