Curio Starter Class Using EZ960 Silver Metal Clay

How to Use the Silhouette Curio and EZ960 Silver Metal Clay Video Tutorial

Instructor Bio: 
160 minutes

Calling All Metal Clay Artists!!!

Do you have a Curio cutting machine, or are thinking about buying one, but afraid you'll never get it up and running? 

Are you eager to learn how to digitally cut metal clay?

Do you want to start creating jewelry pieces with original textures and patterns?

Did you get your Silhouette Cutting Machine plugged in and ready and then had software learning curve meltdown?

Are you wondering about how to use the new Flexible Metal clays which work great with the Silhouette cutting machines?

Cindy Pope to the rescue.

Cindy knows the Curio machine inside and out and will walk you through step-by-step the correct set-up and software basics for successful cutting and creating of an original textured pendant with a foolproof bale and a seamlessly set fir-able cabochon using the wonderful new flexible clay EZ960.

Cindy shares with you all her expertise plus troubleshooting tips and tricks. 

No need to struggle and get frustrated with creating!

Ms. Pope reveals the top common unpublished problems that ruin a project and how to fix them! 

*BONUS* Cindy shows how to texture and cut fabulous “roll up beads” that can accompany lots of focal pieces or make a whole strand and wear alone.

ALSO INCLUDED a Cameo and Portrait Machine companion video tutorial, so no matter what machine you have, we’ve got you covered with the how-tos.

*PLUS* FREE project software files Cindy made for this glass. Open the file and you're ready to create.

Learning these techniques will inspire confidence and know-how so you can get cutting and creating right away!

No experience necessary.

You can re-watch all your CRAFTCAST purchases as many times as you like.

Covered In This Class: 
  • Setting preferences for the Curio
  • Drying EZ 960 sheet properly to achieve the most flexibility
  • How to get your texture on your project design so it looks fabulous
  • Engraving textures onto the clay
  • Cutting your project
  • Stone setting techniques
  • Construction techniques specific to the Curio
  • Creating textured "roll-up" beads
  • Simple perfect stone settings
  • Firing Tips and Tricks
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • Curio Cutting Machine
  • Amy Chomas Engraving Tool
  • Silhouette Blade
  • EZ 960 
Metal Clay
  • Clay Tools
  • Kiln, and or access to Kiln rental
  • Tiny brushes
  • Stiff larger brush
  • Sheri Haab’s Pastemaker (optional)
  • Protecto- film (by Pacon)
  • Tissue Blade
  • Scalpel
  • Tiny wooden clothes pins from paper crafting section of craft store
  • Clay shaper

Included with the video download, a PDF filled notes and all the resources you need to get started and a BONUS video that shows you step-by-step how to create textured "roll-up" beads. PLUS a Cameo and Portrait Machine companion guide, so no matter what machine you have, we’ve got you covered with the how-to’s.