How to Create and Cut using 960Flex Metal Clay and the Silhouette™ Cutters

Instructor Bio: 
122 minutes

Join innovator Cindy Pope, and learn the ins and outs of creating using 960flex silver clay with the Silhouette™ cutting machines including the newest Curio Machine. 

960 silver clay is a mixture of 50% PMC sterling clay and 50% of any other fine silver clay. The finished strength of 960 clays is greatly superior to the strength of fine silver. Unlike sterling clay, 960flex can be fired in the kiln without carbon.

  • Learn how the use of 960 clays can save substantially in material costs by allowing for thinner stronger projects using less clay
  • Rethink the thickness of ring bands and finally create lightweight thin earrings from metal clay
  • Learn how combining sterling and PMCFlex clay (960flex) creates the perfect clay for easily cutting and forming projects using the Silhouette™ cutting machines. The flexibility of this combination in its dry state allows for cutting and texturizing the clay using the Silhouette™ and forming the dry clay into rings, cabochons and other curved forms. Up until now those shapes have only been possible with glycerin clay or wet construction
  • Learn construction techniques very specific to the use of PMCFlex clay
  • Create professional-looking foolproof stone settings
  • There will be a fantastic design how-to that will make designing simple silhouette projects easy.
  • Included for FREE some of Cindy's favorite textures and design project files, PLUS an additional Curio Cutter video tutorial plus step-by-step designing a trillion bezel using the Silhouette software.

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    Included in your purchase is the FULL recording of the entire LIVE class, plus a PDF with photos, notes and online resources.

    Please note: the PDF is not a stand-alone instructional booklet.

    Some prior experience with metal clays and the Silhouette™ cutting machines is helpful .

    Covered In This Class: 
    • Drying 960Flex sheet properly to achieve the most flexibility
    • Easy designing of open curved earrings, ring bands and foolproof stone settings
    • How to get your texture on your project design so it looks fabulous
    • Engraving your texture onto the clay
    • Cutting your project
    • Construction techniques specific to PMCFlex clay
    • Creating 3d open forms using 960Flex
    • Making perfect stone settings
    • Firing 960Flex
    Materials Used In This Class: 
    • Silhouette™ cutting machines Cameo, Portrait or Curio
    • Amy Chomas Engraving Tool
    • Silhouette Blade
    • PMC Sterling Silver
    • PMC Flex Clay 
    • Clay Tools
    • Kiln, and or access to Kiln rental
    • Tiny brushes
    • Stiff larger brush
    • Sheri Haab’s Pastemaker (optional)
    • Janet Alexander's Perfect-Match Doming System-Round
    • Protecto- film (by Pacon)
    • Tissue Blade
    • Scalpel
    • Tiny wooden clothes pins from paper crafting section of craft store
    • Clay shaper

    Included with the video download is a PDF filled with photos, notes and all the resources you need to get started, plus additional BONUS videos.