Hollow Ring Construction in Metal Clay

Instructor Bio: 
87 minutes

Join Ms. Lora Hart, PMC Connection's Artistic Advisor and Sr. Instructor, and learn the technique for creating hollow metal clay rings.

Follow along with the close-up videos as Lora shows you step-by-step her foolproof method for constructing these basic hollow ring forms that can be endlessly creatively adapted to your own unique style.

Lora will show you how to make use of broken metal clay elements from the scrap pile to create a totally unique design.

Plus learn how to set collectibles and found objects in a fabricated bezel.

Find out how to make use of a motor tool to create perfectly smooth ring sides and finger holes, and see how mixing mediums can take your metal clay creations to exciting new heights.

Don’t miss this opportunity to add these construction techniques to your metal clay skill set.

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Covered In This Class: 
  • Learn techniques for correct sizing of thicker, larger than usual rings
  • Discover how to drape wet clay to form a hollow ring ‘skeleton’
  • See how to quickly re-hydrate clay that is too dry so the shape can be adjusted
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • basic metal clay tools
  • at least 16g PMC3,sterling or base metal clay
  • Syringe clay to match
  • water

Included is a class handout filled with photos, notes and all the resource information you need to get started.