Design: A Blow by Blow Approach with Tim McCreight

Design: A Blow by Blow Approach with Tim McCreight

92 minutes

This class, taught by renowned jewelry artist and author of The Complete Metalsmith, Tim McCreight, focuses on the use of hammers and impact tools to design and develop form.

Tim says, "A few years ago I started playing a game in the studio, using a striking motion as the preferred way to accomplish any task. Chisels replaced my sawframe; the design process depended as much on a hammer as a pencil. The process led me along paths I hadn't expected, and taught me a new appreciation for chance and spontaneity. I'd be happy to share my experience with you."

Listen and watch as Tim shares his thought process and personal images that narrate his unique creative journey.



Tim McCreight is a metalsmith, designer, author, and teacher. He has been working in metals since 1970 and along the way has published two dozen books and made six videos. He is a Past-President of SNAG, and has served on the boards of Haystack, the American Craft Council and the PMC Guild. He has taught workshops in the U.S., England, Canada, Mexico, Norway, and Japan. He writes for several magazines and runs a publishing company in Maine called Brynmorgen Press.

Covered In This Class: 

Tim's personal creative process

Materials Used In This Class: 
  • selections of metals
  • wires
  • variety of hammers

Included is a class handout PDF with notes and information.