Creative Clay Combinations

Instructor Bio: 
87 minutes

Watch and learn as innovative jewerly artist, Debbie Carlton, shows you how to easily combine polymer and metal clay to create pendants that have both color and metal clay bling.

Follow along with the close-up videos, as Ms. Carlton shows her tips and secrets on how to stretch your metal clay budget and still produce stunning jewelry pendants with lots of color and sparkle.

No experience is needed, so don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to combine two exceptional clays and create a unique piece of your own.

See how Debbie creates her own unique mokume gane reversible pendants with movable silver clay embellishments.

Learn how Debbie makes her "Abacus" using super easy direct transfers techniques.

Follow along and find out how to make silver clay bales using scratch foam board for easy texture transfer.

*PLUS* Listen as Ms. Carlton answers questions from the audience during the LIVE presentation.

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Covered In This Class: 
  • Creating faux mica mineral stone with polymer
  • Using “scratch foam” to design perfect bails in metal clay
  • How-to make polymer veneers you’ll love
  • Simple steps for creating mokume gane
  • Creative ways to save on silver with big results
  • Easy image transfer techniques
  • Fun ways to add movement to your piece
  • How-to create findings for a professional finish
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • A selection of metallic polymer clays; transluscents, pearls, black and white and colours of your choice (I use Premo and Pardo).
  • tile
  • tissue blade
  • needle tool
  • roller
  • wet and dry sandpaper - 400,600,800 grit
  • metal clay 10 grams, Art Clay Silver or PMC3
  • teflon sheet
  • Sherri Haab’s Paste Maker
  • badger balm
  • standing pads
  • patina gel
  • cookie cutters
  • templates, stencils, textures

Included is a class handout filled with photos, notes and all the resource information you need to get started.