Creating Metal Clay Bezels with the Silhouette Cutter

Creating Metal Clay Bezels with the Silhouette Cutter

Instructor Bio: 
159 minutes

Join me, Alison Lee, and CRAFTCAST teacher and Silhouette project innovator, Ms. Cindy Pope, and learn how you can create unique stone setting bezels with the Silhouette cutting machines.

Cindy will cover the basics showing you close-up how to use the Silhouette software, plus all the settings and preference settings you need to know on your machine to get started.

Art Clay Silver Paper Type was developed specifically for Origami artists. The formulation contains almost no moisture and does not need to be dried prior to firing. Ms. Pope will show you how you can use this material to cut intricate bezel patterns to cut and use to set your favorite stones.

  • Watch and learn construction techniques that will give you successful results.
  • See how to create professional-looking foolproof stone settings.
  • Learn the tips and tricks that will make the difference cutting your setting.

BONUS Included for FREE some of Cindy's favorite bezel project files for your Silhouette™, and a FREE set of Custom Design Textures for your personal use. PLUS a chart with all the settings you need to know.

In addition, 2 BONUS videos: Creating Bezels and Bales and Cutting with the Portrait Cameo, and a PDF Handout with notes and resources.

Don’t miss this special presentation.

Covered In This Class: 
  • Designing bezel patterns and unique stone settings
  • Preparing metal clay sheet
  • Adding texture onto the clay
  • Cutting your project
  • Construction techniques specific to Art Clay Silver Paper Type
  • Professional-looking foolproof stone settings
  • Firing set-ups
  • Finishing tips
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • Silhouette™ cutting machines Cameo, Portrait or Curio
  • Amy Chomas Engraving Tool
  • Silhouette Blade
  • Art Clay Silver Paper Type
  • Art Clay Paste
  • Art Clay
  • Metal Clay Tools
  • Kiln, and or access to Kiln rental
  • Tiny brushes
  • Stiff larger brush
  • Sheri Haab’s Pastemaker (optional)
  • Protecto- film (by Pacon)
  • Tissue Blade
  • Scalpel
  • Clay shaper
  • Distilled Water
  • Olive Oil

2 BONUS videos: Creating Bezels and Bales and Silhouette Portrait Cutter Settings, a PDF chart of user defined settings for the Curio and a PDF Handout with notes and resources.

Please note: PDF is not a stand-alone instructional booklet.

The full recording and a PDF handout of resources and links is included.

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