Create a Floral Bracelet using Metal Clay, Wire and Accent Color with Nicola Beer

Create a Floral Bracelet using Metal Clay, Wire and Accent Color

Instructor Bio: 
82 minutes

Join UK based jewelry artist, Nicola Beer, and learn to make this exquisite floral bracelet that features colored roses and winding leafy vines.

Just in time to celebrate Spring, Nicola will show you how to hand form silver clay roses and create a repetitive leafy vine pattern using fine silver wire.

Then learn how to add touches of color bringing your roses to life. Nicola shares with you the tips and tricks you need to learn how to work with interference paints that will give your rose color with a glow.

See how to fire, polish and assemble your piece to make the project one you will love from start to finish.

This project can be torch fired, or kiln fired.

*Bonus* Nicola shows you how to also make a beautiful rose ring you'll love wearing.

The full recording and a PDF handout of resources and links is included.

No experience necessary.

Covered In This Class: 
  • hand forming silver clay roses
  • 3 different ways to create leaves
  • refining silver clay
  • firing silver clay
  • wire wrapping
  • fusing fine silver
  • colouring metal
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • 25g fine silver clay
  • Art Clay silver oil paste
  • self healing cutting mat
  • rai

  • tooth picks
  • snake roller or flat piece of acrylic sheet
  • scalpel
  • needle tool
  • acrylic roller
  • 1mm spacer bars or pack of playing cards
  • small sheets of teflon
  • tissue blade
  • badger balm
  • fine paint brush x 2
  • water pot or spray bottle
  • piece of sponge
  • baby wipes
  • disposable lipgloss applicators
  • fine grit sanding sponges/papers
  • flat metal needle file
  • blow torch
  • firing brick
  • insulated tweezers
  • 1 metre of 1.5mm fine silver wire
  • 2 metres of 0.4mm fine silver wire
  • jump rings
  • clasp
  • ruler
  • chain and flat nose pilers
  • wire cutter pliers
  • round nose or bale making pliers
  • Pebeo paint and pain thinners
  • liver of sulphur

Included in your purchase is the FULL recording of the entire LIVE class to watch over and over again, plus a PDF with notes and online resources.

Please note: the PDF is not a stand-alone instructional booklet.