Crafting Copper Clay Torc Bracelets

Instructor Bio: 
89 minutes

Join award winning metal clay artist, Ms. Wanaree Tanner, and learn how you make these exquisite copper clay torc bracelets. Follow along the close-up videos as Wanaree shows you step-by-step her unique method for constructing these copper beauties, plus also learn how combine bronze and silver clay into your finished piece!

Using inexpensive copper tubing and copper metal clay, Ms. Tanner will have you creating your own individualized bracelets in no time.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this inventive way for combining a variety of metal clays and gem stones in a bracelet you will love to wear.

Listen as Ms. Tanner answers questions from the audience during this LIVE presentation.

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Covered In This Class: 
  • Techniques for correct sizing of bracelets
  • Tips for picking the right stones
  • Discover ways to create easy ornamental bezel wires
  • See how to combine copper clay with copper tubing
  • Learn Wanaree's secrets for combining copper, bronze and silver clays
  • See how to carve and shape your bracelet ends
  • Learn to add clay appliqué design elements
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • Xuron Flush Cutter
  • Wubbers Round Pliers Xtra Large or Large Wrap and Tap pliers or a mandrel 15 -18 mm in diameter
  • Wire Twister or Power Drillv
  • Chain Nose pliers
  • Bent Chain Nose pliers
  • Jeweler’s File
  • Chasing Hammer
  • Bench Block
  • Torch
  • Soldering surface
  • Solder Pick
  • Quench Cup
  • Soldering Tweezers
  • Copper Solder Pastev
  • Safety Glassesv
  • Protective Table Coverv
  • Liver of Sulfur or oxidizing solution of choicev
  • Approximately 20 feet of 16-gauge wire (sample uses copper)
  • Approximately 5 feet of 24-gauge wire
  • One 16” 8-10mm strand of Freshwater Pearls or other beads of choice

Included with the cost is a 22 page PDF of class notes and resources.