Book Lockets: A Library of Possibilities in Metal Clay with Wanaree Tanner

Book Lockets: A Library of Possibilities in Metal Clay with Wanaree Tanner

83 minutes

Enjoy this exciting and instructive webinar and learn from award winning metal clay artist, Wanaree Tanner, how to make unique custom book lockets in metal clay.

Ms. Tanner will show you step-by-step the construction techniques you need to create a custom textured hinged book locket that opens and closes.

Wanaree will use COPPRclay for this demonstration, a wonderful affordable clay, then use these techniques for all the metal clay choices.

Watch a jam packed class of close up videos and process pictures. Pause and play the recording, and work along at your own pace.

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Wanaree Tanner is an award winning, primarily self-taught, full time artist, with a love for illustration and a fascination with world mythologies. She started working in metal clay in 2008 and quickly became obsessed with turning two dimensional drawings into three dimensional forms. When copper clay hit the open market, she bought her first pack and never looked back. After two years of experimenting and dreaming, she’s feels she’s finally able to bring the forms lurking in her mind into reality. She travels to art shows around the country, has written articles for Art Jewelry, Metal Clay Today, Metal Clay Artist Magazine and is the video editor for MCAM’s resource library.

Covered In This Class: 
  • Tools and supplies
  • COPPRclay overview and firing tips
  • Making a custom texture using a common household item
  • Using a mitar box to create perfect corners
  • The Secret of the Self-Contained Hinge" revealed
  • Creating seamless corner connections
  • Constructing a free swinging bail
  • PLUS, how to finish your piece so it stands out
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • 100g COPPRclaySherri Haab’s Paste Maker Solution
  • small copper chain (approximately 2mm links)
  • 8g copper wire
  • 24g-26g copper flat head pin
  • miter box
  • basic metal clay tools and supplies

Included is a 32 page PDF filled with class notes, firing guide and all the resources you need.