Book It: Connecting it All

Instructor Bio: 
89 minutes

Learn from Master Stuff Smith, Robert Dancik, how to create booklets for a variety of purposes using faux bone; creating a variety of hinges, hooks and other connections.

Learn to connect your pieces using movable hinges, functional hooks, and an assortment of rivets and eyelets.

Robert will show you step-by-step the process of creating with faux bone; how to treat, finish, and connect this material in a variety of ways.

Learn the technical skills behind these one of a kind pieces an get started creating your own unique work of art.

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Covered In This Class: 
  • tools and supplies
  • how-to cut, carve, saw, hammer, polish, drill, stamp, inlay, and dye, faux bone
  • texturing, finishing, and creating unique surfaces
  • how to make movable hinges to create book covers that open and close
  • creating and adding polymer clay embellishments
  • ideas and techniques for making secure cold connections
  • alternative ways to combine the clays, metal and polymer,
  • design tips for making your pieces stand out
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • faux bone
  • basic metal smithing tools
  • ephemera artwork
  • polymer clay for embellishments
  • wire for rivets and connections

Included is a class handout filled with notes and all the resource information you need to get started.