A Bead Like No Other with Robert Dancik

A Bead Like No Other with Robert Dancik

90 minutes

In this fast paced workshop, you will explore with instructor Robert Dancik how to make hollow form beads that are extremely durable, easy to make and utterly unique.

Using materials as common as Plexiglas, as new as Faux Bone™ and as unexpected as bicycle reflectors and lighting lenses, you will learn how to form hollow beads of varying sizes and shapes. After they are formed, you'll learn how to include other materials such as metal clays, epoxy resins and putties, polymer clay and rock-like paper pulp, as part of the bead.

You will also learn how to cut windows into the beads to reveal words, images or any thing else you may want to place behind the window or inside the bead.

The surfaces of the beads can be cut, carved, and textured: or they can be sanded to a smooth matte, or polished to a high shine.

This is a CraftCast Vintage Video, created before it was possible to incorporate High Definition video, as we do today. How far we have come in such a short time!

Watch and listen as Robert reveals to you tips and techniques you need to know to make hollow form beads. Using close-up photographs of each step of the process, plus Robert’s detailed instruction, you’ll be creating using these techniques in no time!

Class was recorded live so, just like in more recent videos, you’ll hear the live Q&A with other students.

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Robert Dancik holds a Masters degree in sculpture from Northern Illinois University, and a BA in fine art from Adelphi University. He has been an artist/teacher for more than 30 years and is presently an adjunct professor of education at Pace University. Robert has taught people from kindergarten to graduate school while exhibiting his jewelry and sculpture in museums and galleries across the US and in Europe, Japan, and Australia. He teaches workshops at art centers in the US and abroad including Penland, NC; Arrowmont, TN; Metalwerx, MA; Touchstone Center for Crafts, PA; Victoria College of Art, Australia; Brookfield Craft Center, CT; and Mid Cornwall School of Jewelry (UK) to name a few. His work is in numerous collections including the Wustum Museum of Art, Boeringer- Ingleheim International, Schamberger International, Mitsubishi International, Japan and the Gregg Museum of Art and Design.

He has artwork published in many books including, in the Lark series, “500 Pendants”, “500 handmade Books and “1000 Rings”. Other books his work is featured in are “PMC Decade”, “Fine Art of the Tin Can”, “The Art of Resin Jewelry,” “Zilver Klei” (Denmark), and “Creative Metal Clay Jewelry”. He has written articles and published his artwork in numerous magazines including “Niche”, “Art Jewelry”, “Lapidary Journal” and “Perspectives” among others. Robert is the originator of Faux Bone™, a new, wonderful material for artists involved in jewelry, artist’s books, sculpture, and many other artistic disciplines. His book “Amulets and Talismans: Techniques for Making Meaningful Jewelry” is published by Northlight Books. He lives in Connecticut, teaches around the world, is an avid cook (I didn’t say good) and collector of toys, maps, and compasses.

Covered In This Class: 
  • Creating hollow beads from Plexiglas™
  • Epoxy, concrete and paper mache embellishments
  • Cutting windows in Plexiglas™
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • Plexiglas™
  • Wet and Dry Sandpaper
  • Jeweler's Saw
  • Heat Gun
  • Epoxy
  • Concrete
  • Paper Mache

Included with your video is a full-color PDF class handout with teacher's tips, notes and links to all the resources you need to get started.

Please note: this is not a stand-alone guide but simply a quick-reference for your convenience.