Applying Colour to Metal

Instructor Bio: 
121 minutes

Join international, award winning metal clay artist, Julia Rai, and learn over 14 different ways to add COLOR to metal.

In this packed class, Julia will cover adding colour to metal using a wide variety of methods. 

See all the different results you can get using glass, ceramic, acrylic and effect paints, as well as powders and metallic acrylics. And wait till you see what you can do with resins.

PLUS you won't believe the possibilities with alcohol inks when you know the how-to. Don't miss learning about the wonderful effects you can get with Moon and Prisme paints as well as coloring and patinas made using the Swellegant product! 

Want to try enamel? 
Julia will show you how to work safely with enamel and fire it with a torch making this ancient technique accessible to everyone. No kiln needed!

Lots of possibilities to have fun with colour.

BONUS Included are 3 bonus videos to download:

*How to add a heat patina to copper and bronze

*Using resists with Liver of Sulphur

*The tips and techniques for using acrylic paints

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Included in your purchase is the a PDF with photos, notes and online resources.

No experience necessary.

Covered In This Class: 
  • Using acrylic paint and acrylic enamel
  • Using ceramic paints
  • Using glass paints
  • Using effect paints like Pebeo Fantasy Prisme and Fantasy Moon
  • Using alcohol inks
Using pastes and waxes
  • Working safely with enamels
  • Preparing enamel
  • Wet packing enamel
  • Torch firing enamel
  • Sealing colour with resin
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • Cotton buds
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Kitchen paper
  • Kitchen foil
  • Disposable paintbrushes
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Paint palettes
  • Glass sheet
  • Pendant blanks
  • Sponges
  • Disposable cups
  • Wooden stirrers
  • Sharpie pen
  • Turpentine
  • Newspaper
  • Heat gun
  • Toaster oven
  • Tripod
  • Sheet of steel mesh
  • Torch
  • Glass paints
  • Ceramic paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Alcohol inks
  • Effect paints
  • Araldite two part epoxy
  • Variety of resin types
  • Gilders paste
  • Transparent enamels
  • Liver of sulphur

Julia will show you how to add a heat patina to copper and bronze and how to use resists with Liver of Sulphur to get the patina just where you want it! Plus see how easy it is to use acrylic paints to get beautiful accent color on your pieces. Included with the video download, a PDF filled with photos, notes and all the resources you need to get started.