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Find Creative and Artistic Inspiration from 2019’s Best Crafting Podcasts and Interviews

CRAFTCAST with Alison Lee was first heard in March, 2006. Since then there have been almost 1 million downloads. Host Alison Lee talks to a well-known artist in their field and gets right down to the how, what and why behind each artist’s works. Thousands of listeners have written in to share how listening in to Alison’s interviews has sparked creative and artistic inspiration in their work. From paper to metal clay crafts and creations, Alison surely inspires creativity to her listeners. As Alison says at the end of every show, “Get Your Butt in the Chair and Keep Crafting!”

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Talking with Kate McKinnon

Episode #145
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Today I talk with artist, metalsmith and author Kate McKinnon. A great creative chat! If you’re not familiar with Kate’s work check out her website. I have some new books to discuss plus lots of other news from the CRAFTCAST™ studio.

Talking with Mark Lipinski

Episode #144
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Today I talk with Mark Lipinski from Pickle Road Studios. Lot’s of fun chat and laughs, we even got in some quilting talk! Plus, what’s on the horizon for CRAFTCAST as we start the new year, and some great books and dvd’s to check out.

Talking with SARK

Episode #143
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I’m sharing with you today a chat I had with the wonderful SARK. She is also known by her longer name, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, and how fun to have a one word name. Cher, Beyonce, Madonna, and Honey seem to enjoy it!  Ok, you probably don’t know my friend Honey, and that’s a whole […]

Talking with Zac Young

Episode #142
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Today I talk with pastry chef Zac Young. Oh yes, talking with Zac about everything chocolate and what’s it like to be on Bravo’s Top Chef: Just Desserts. I wouldn’t have made it standing through the first episode, unless you get lots of points for how much chocolate you can eat! So much fun to […]

Talking with Nicky Epstein

Episode #141
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Today I talk with queen bee knitter Nicky Epstein. I’ve been a big fan of Nicky’s for years. One of my favorite books is “Knitting On the Edge”. I took a one day workshop with her this summer where she showed us how to do knit up her sensational flower scarf she designed for Vogue […]

Talking with Cathie Filian

Episode #140
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Talking with Cathie Filian, plus sharing with you what “I did this summer.” Now, today’s show. I’m so excited to have spent some time with Cathie Filian. Cathie was my very first guest wayyyy back in March of 2006. We were both just starting new ventures. Listen to where crafting has taken Cathie today, and […]

Talking with Mar Jennings

Episode #139
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Today I talk with author, gardener and lifestyle guru Mar Jennings. I loved talking with Mar and got lots of inspiration for expanding my garden, enjoying life plus some good laughs too! Thank you Mar. Plus some new craft books, my new favorite movie, and my rose plant addiction source revealed.

Talking with Doug Fisher

Episode #138
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Today I talk with Doug Fisher, president of Mission Control a company, a company dedicated to teach you how to increase your productivity and effectiveness while reducing your stress. Doug will delve into how to accomplish what is important to you and what to do to eliminate the things that get in your way. Also, […]

Talking with Bonnie McCaffrey

Episode #138
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Today I talk with fiber artist Bonnie McCaffery. I love learning about an art form where I have little experience. Hearing Ms. McCaffery’s contagious passion for her medium has ignited some quilting ideas of my own. Thanks Bonnie for sharing your excitement of the art! Also this week a movie I’m waiting to see, a […]

Talking with Jennifer Kalled

Episode #136
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Today I talk with Jennifer Kalled. Ms Kalled is a jeweler that specializes in working with exquisite stones and high karat gold. I loved hearing the passion behind her exquisite creations. Thank you Jennifer for your inspiring words and generous sharing! Plus, my experience auditioning for Oprah’s OWN network, totally crazy, and all the other […]

Talking with Mona Adisa Brooks #135

Episode #135
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Today I talk with artist, Mona Adisa Brooks. I fell in love with Ms. Brooks work at a recent craft show. Her creations cannot simply be referred to as dolls, but more like charming companions with their own heart and soul. Enjoy our interview as Mona shares her artistic journey and the inspiration behind her […]

Talking with Joan Dulla

Episode #134
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Today I talk with Joan Dulla. It was a loads of fun to spend time with Ms. Dulla and catch some of her passion! Thank you Joan for sharing what inspires you. Below is some of Joan’s work. Also, keeping up with gardening, puppy rearing, and all that goes on here at the CRAFTCAST studio. […]