Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon has written five books on jewelry making and metalsmithing, beginning in 2003 with her popular self-published Project Workbook, which focused on professional solutions for strung and sewn jewelry. Following that came her Studio Annual in 2004, filled with photographs from space and nature, and jewelry inspired by them.

In 2006, she published the groundbreaking textbook Structural Metal Clay, a spiral-bound bench book that laid out the reasons for full firing of metal clay, how to work harden finished pieces, make clean connections without excessive use of slip, and create chain that fires together in the kiln. The book focused on simple ways to practice safe handling, and was the first in the field to do so.

In 2010, she wrote two books for Interweave Press, Sculptural Metal Clay, released May 1, and The Jewelry Architect, scheduled for a December release. Each of these books continues to explore the ideas behind building well-thought out pieces with clean, smoothly moving connections.

Kate lives and works in her home town of Tucson, Arizona, and is a frequent contributor to the magazines and journals in her field. She also teaches and speaks internationally.