Bonnie McCaffery

Bonnie McCaffery has been quilting for almost 30 years now. Her quilts have been exhibited across the country. In 1998 she was chosen as the recipient of the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship Award and traveled to Europe to attend European Quilt Market and International Quilt Expo in Austria (WOW what a trip). Since then she has done several international trips to New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Curacao.

Bonnie's quilts have been seen in such publications as American Quilters Society Magazine, Quilting International, Quilter's Newsletter Magazine and Craftworks. She has appeared twice on Simply Quilts - once with Fantasy Fabric and once with the Portrait Quilts. She has written 3 books – “Fantasy Fabrics”, “Fantasy Floral Quilts”, and “Portrait Quilts”

Bonnie specializes in kaleidoscope quilts, free form applique quilts, dimensional quilts, layered quilts, Fantasy Fabric, Fantasy Floral quilts, Painted Faces for BEGINNERS (she can teach ANYONE to paint a face on fabric) and her newest venture – DoodleZenDotZ which combines doodles, bobbin embroidery & dots of paint for a beautiful effect.

She is also the creator of several "DigiBobbE" collections. These are "Digi"tized "Bobb"in "E"mbroidery designs.