Allison Arden

Allison Arden translated a love of arts & crafts into a lean forward life philosophy helping transform personal perspective to have a positive impact on business and life. As the full time, working mother of two young children and Publisher of Advertising Age, Allison was fascinated by the question of where does creativity come from and how to infuse it into all aspects of her life. 

She set out to explore her creativity by using her life as a canvas and treating every activity as an opportunity to test possibilities, connect with the world around her and put the seemingly absurd into action. This brought her back to her childhood love of writing which ultimately has led her to The Book of Doing, and now to you. 

We all have things we want to do, but somehow convince ourselves we can't or shouldn't. Allison's goal is to help others connect with their own creativity to share their gifts with the world and spread joy in the process.