Talking with Abby Kerr

Talking with Abby Kerr

Today I talk with Abby Kerr from

She has lots of great advice to tune up your website and start the fall off right.

If you want to hear Abby's best advice for the easiest change you can make in your website marketing that will give the biggest results, get the craftcast app, and listen to the BONUS material. 

Also,I have some books, apps and tools to share, plus the latest news from the studio.


Hello! I’m Abby Kerr, Creative Director of The Voice Bureau.

I’m a brand voice editor and specialist and a digital copywriter for entrepreneurs who want to own their voices in the marketplace and reach more of their Right People.

My work in the world spins around words, voice, and vibe. I prepare my clients to show up in their own online conversation — purely, powerfully, and sustainably. I teach them to consciously do MORE of what they’re already doing well — in the right places, and at the right times.

Episode #177
Episode Notes: 

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by Hattie Sanderson


Propane Fat Boy Torch

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