Talking with Cynthia Tinapple

Talking with Cynthia Tinapple

On today's show I have a fun chat with polymer clay artist and blogger, Ms. Cynthia Tinapple.

She talks about her trip to Nepal where she taught polymer clay techniques to a very receptive audience of female artists. Check out her slideshow of inspiring pictures. (see link in the show notes)

Also, this week I have a website, a book, and an app to share. I love them and I hope you do too! xo


Cynthia Tinapple is a leader in the polymer clay community, writer and artist based in Columbus, Ohio.

Cynthia created Polymer Clay Daily, hosts StudioMojo each week, and speaks about trends and the future of polymer clay as an art form. Cynthia also tries to carve out time to be in her studio each day, exhibits her work, collaborates with her wood sculptor husband, and teaches around the world.

Episode #168