Talking with Terry Kovalcik

Episode #160

Today’s guest is illustrator and metal clay artist, Terry Kovalcik
You'll love his take on creativity and where he gets his creative mojo. Check out Terry’s site for lots of visual treats. Here are a few pix of his metal clay creations.

Also today, I have 2 new books to share, plus all the news here from the CRAFTCAST studio.

Don’t forget to purchase the CRAFTCAST App for your iPhone or Droid. Each week you get bonus information from the show’s guest that can only be found on the App! This week you can find out from Terry how to "paint" with metal clay.

Episode Notes: 

Heavenly Day / Patty Griffin

Chains, Chains, Chains / Joanna Goldberg and Nathalie Mornu

21st Century Jewelry, The Best of the 500 Series / Marthe Le Van