Talking with Tim Adam

Talking with Tim Adam

Today I talk with Tim Adam, artist, author and social networking guru. Tim has answers for all of your "how-to market online" questions.We talked about his new book, “How to make money using ETSY

Tim is an expert on how to have success with your online ETSY store as well as your social media networking.

Check out his handmadeology website and get lots of free advice plus learn what to do to increase your numbers of fans and followers with your online presence.


I am a self taught metal artist, and a certified Mig welder. I started designing modern metal furniture in 2004. I built my first piece in Baltimore with my sister-in-law who is a furniture designer. I found my passion in metal and kept on designing and building. I struggled for 4 years to make a name in local galleries in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. A friend of mine introduced me to Etsy in February of 2007, and it changed my business. I started creating a jewelry line and have not turned back. In November of 2007 I had to quit my full time job cause my passion was becoming a dream come true! I am now selling all over the world through my Etsy shop. I also have wholesale accounts around the country with galleries, museums and salons.

Episode #151
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