Talking with SARK

Talking with SARK

I’m sharing with you today a chat I had with the wonderful SARK. She is also known by her longer name, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, and how fun to have a one word name. Cher, Beyonce, Madonna, and Honey seem to enjoy it!  Ok, you probably don’t know my friend Honey, and that’s a whole other post, but one word names are just so darn cool.

Also today, a song from Erich Bergen’s new album, The Vegas Sessions, "I Hope You Know"

It’s quite romantic, and I’ve heard it has made a few grown girls cry. {{{{{sigh}}}}}} 


SARK is the author and artist of 11 books, including the bestseller, Succulent Wild Woman. There are over two million SARK books in print. Her 12th book will be released in the winter of 2004. She is an acclaimed speaker and teacher, and was featured in the PBS series, "Women of Wisdom and Power," as well as a documentary film titled "The World According to SARK." She is a periodic guest on National Public Radio, and her own "Inspiration Line" has been inspiring people for ten years. Her company, Camp SARK, has produced more than 200 products to inspire creative living, such as cards, posters and calendars. Camp SARK has also distributed "Creative Tool Kits" to teachers across the country. The Camp SARK message board "Lounge and Chat" is representative of the many succulent wild women groups and kindred spirits around the world. SARK was born in Minneapolis and her first (and favorite) job was as Wake-Up Fairy in kindergarten. She studied at the Minneapolis Art Institute, University of Tampa, and the University of Minnesota before graduating from the School of Communication Arts in radio/TV production. She is a recovering procrastinator/perfectionist who practices what she teaches, and lives in a Magic Cottage in San Francisco, California with her "Fur Husband" cat, Jupiter.

Episode #143
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Wild Color / Jenny Dean

I Hope You Know / Erich Bergen