Talking with Cathie Filian

Talking with Cathie Filian

Talking with Cathie Filian, plus sharing with you what “I did this summer.”

Now, today’s show. I’m so excited to have spent some time with Cathie Filian. Cathie was my very first guest wayyyy back in March of 2006. We were both just starting new ventures. Listen to where crafting has taken Cathie today, and all her accomplishments. Plus hot of the internet, she has been booked to appear on the new Nate Berkus Show. Yay Cathie. We’ll be watching.

So, it’s good to be back and thanks to all of you for being there to listen. Got my butt in the chair and ready to go. Happy fall.


Cathie Filian grew up in the Midwest and has been getting crafty since she can remember. “I began sewing at 8 years old and my love of stitching followed me all the way to Ohio State. I have my degree in Textile Science and Fashion Design. My first job out of college was as a design assistant for Betsey Johnson in New York. It was wild fun!

After NYC, I turned my attention to films and TV and moved to Los Angeles. I created costumes for films such as Rushmore, Twister, Heartbreakers and Vanilla Sky. I had the pleasure of styling some of Hollywood’s leading ladies and gents. I live in Los Angeles with my husband, Eddie and our dog Max. We are currently being trained to become foster/adpot parents.”

Episode #140
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