Talking with Mona Adisa Brooks #135

Episode #135

Today I talk with artist, Mona Adisa Brooks.

I fell in love with Ms. Brooks work at a recent craft show. Her creations cannot simply be referred to as dolls, but more like charming companions with their own heart and soul. Enjoy our interview as Mona shares her artistic journey and the inspiration behind her creations.

“I work with porcelain, wood, fabric, and anything else that inspires me to bring my characters into being. I start by forming the porcelain with my hands, letting the clay guide me to uncover the personality that is in the making. I am most inspired by the element of surprise that emerges. I feel I am in a kind of collaboration with raw materials and time.”
~ Mona Adisa Brooks

Also, lots of news and announcements, and descriptions of the new live classes. Take a look at the new CRAFT-O-mercials that explain all about the classes here.

Episode Notes: 

If You Think You Need Some Lovin / Pomplamoose

Jewelry Illustration / Dominique Audette

Digital Expressions / Susan Tuttle