Talking with David Huang #130

Talking with David Huang #130

Today I talk with David Huang, an artist and metalsmith who creates luminous metal vessels. I find myself wishing I could crawl inside anyone of them for a meditative time out! Awe inspiring!

Also today, I celebrate the beginning of year number 5 of CRAFTCAST. My first show was March 14th, 2006, and I interviewed Cathie Filian from Creative Juice. She was just getting ready to launch her show and 4 years later we are both still crafting away.

A big, big hug to everyone who has read my blog, listened to the show, and shared their comments. (I could get really mushy here…)

I look forward to lots more internet adventures together!


The vast bulk of my professional work as an artist metalsmith is the creation of decorative vessels. In my mind they divide up into 3 main categories. The first is what I just think of as vessels. These are the majority of what I do and encompass a fairly wide range of forms. Next are the teapots, a form artists have enjoyed playing with for ages. Finally there are what I call my figurative lidded vessels. As the name implies the lids of these have been shaped into the human form.

Episode #130
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