Talking with David Huang #130

Episode #130

Today I talk with David Huang, an artist and metalsmith who creates luminous metal vessels. I find myself wishing I could crawl inside anyone of them for a meditative time out! Awe inspiring!

Also today, I celebrate the beginning of year number 5 of CRAFTCAST. My first show was March 14th, 2006, and I interviewed Cathie Filian from Creative Juice. She was just getting ready to launch her show and 4 years later we are both still crafting away.

A big, big hug to everyone who has read my blog, listened to the show, and shared their comments. (I could get really mushy here…)

I look forward to lots more internet adventures together!

Episode Notes: 

Michael DeMeng / Dusty Diablos
Rebecca Kemp Bren / RedWork

Beth Thornley / There’s No Way