Talking with Maggie Macnab!

Episode #119

Symbols are in the news lately.

Take for example the bestseller by Dan Brown, “The Lost Symbol”.
(Which I loved!)

I got to spend some time talking to Ms. Macnab about her new book, “Decoding Design” and the importance and meaning of symbols in our everyday life. Symbols and patterns, derived from nature appear in our work no matter what the medium, and intuitively convey their story.

Symbols are intuitive and immediate because they are us. The patterns that underlie universal principles are the same ones embedded in our DNA. Design that references experience relates, and relationship is what humanity is all about. ~ Maggie Macnab

Also, listen in and find out how to win a copy of her new book!

Lots of other news, plus new books to talk about and upcoming classes not to miss.